• On your "Events" tab, click on « New Event »:

  • 2 types of events can be created:

1) Create a new event:

2) Duplicate an existing event:

  • What:

    Allows you to enter the name of your event

  • When:

    Start and end dates of the event

    Please note: This information will be visible on the home page of your event website.

  • Where:

    The address is automatically searched by Google Maps

    Please note : This map is visible on the page "Practical Information" of your event website

  • Who :

    Organized by : Organiser's details – Email expeditor
    Email : This will be the address used to redirect emails from participants.

  • Then you will be able to modify and design your event:

  • Design your website with your colors:

  • Configure your registration form and personalize it:

  • Personalize your invitation email (all kind of emails):

  • Add your contact either by importing guests or by adding them manually: