In order to perfectly align any text or images on your website, we suggest that you use tables.

            1. Text/Text Alignment
Example: setting up a agenda:

In your cell text editor, click on the icon "Insert/Edit Table". Then this page is popping up.On this window, you will be able to:

  • Define the number of columns and lines desired.
  • "Width" we suggest that you do not use images wider than 600 pixels
  • "Border" Border size: if want your table to be invisible you should set the border to 0.

When creating the table, it will appear in Edition mode in the Back office.

When filling in the table, it will appear as follows in the cell text editor:
All of your data can be edited by selecting the table and clicking on:
The icon on the left is used to modify the configuration of a line.

The icon on the right is used to modify the configuration of a column.

        2. Picture/Text Alignment

Create a table as previously done in part 1.

To insert your image, click on the cell into which you wish to insert your image. Then click on the icon with the Tree.When filling in the table, it will look like this in Edition mode :
Then, you can make change on this table as you do it on a word processing program with all the same buttons.