The Management of replacements allows you to optimize the management of your participants for your event.

Fundamentally, the participants can choose their replacement for your event.

For example, Mrs Test test has been invited to an event concerning the rise in new technologies – however, this precise date she is unable to attend. Rather than not attending she can be replaced by Test2 Test2 who is available for set date.

This management allows you to guarantee the success of your event, by ensuring a full venue. This can be used to target new potential participants and get them interested in a certain sector, for instance your own.

This mini tutorial will allow you to understand:

- The establishment of this management within your registration form.

- What the participant will see on your registration form.

- The Impact on the Back office and in your management.

        Step 1: Implementation via the registration form

Edit the questions in relation to the general participation of your event, then tick the box « Allow replacements »
On the registration form, this materializes itself via this question:

When the participant connects to their registration form and selects « will be replaced », the box below will unfold under the participation question.By clicking on « Proceed with replacement of Test test… », the original participant:

• Will arrive on a blank registration form where they can register their replacement.
• Will receive an automatic declination email.

The replacement participant will receive an automatic confirmation email.
If the original particpant returns to their registration form, the name of the replacement will appear in their form like so:

Test test status had been changed in back office to: 'Replaced'
Otherwise, you have at your disposal a column which allows you to display the name of the original participant next to the name of the participant replacing them. This column is called « Replaces (Name) »

You have the possibility of being notified every time an original participant (after being replaced), reconfirms their Status. Go into Configuration → Email Alerts and tick the box "of every reconfirmed registration (after being cancelled)"
You will also be notified if a participant modifies their status from « Will not attend » to « Confirmed ».