In the Participants tab, you will find seven action buttons that will be useful to manage your database.

Here are their purpose :

By clicking on the action button 'Add', you can manually add a participant to your database.

By clicking on 'Submit' this window will appear :
You will access your new guest's registration form. The fields that are mandatory are your Participant's first name, last name, and email address.

By clicking on the button 'email' , you can send emails :

1) To all
If you want to send emails to all your participants, first rememeber to display all the lines :
And you can tick the box in the line of the column titles.

2) Individually
If you wish to send an email to a few selected participants, select these participants by ticking the box right next to each participant's name:
By clicking on the action button 'Email' :
You can:
-Select the email to be sent

-Preview the email

-Check the email's language

After checking your email, click on 'Send'.

After you have selected the guests, by clicking on the action button 'Modify' , you can implement modifications :-Modify the event participation status OR delete a participant.
-Modify your participants' category thanks to the scrolling menu.

By clicking on the action button 'Search', you can search your guest list according to 2 criteria:To cancel your search, click on F5 or on the Participants tab to obtain the full list of participants.

By clicking on the action button 'Export', you can generate an Excel File with all your participants' data.

To modify the list of columns to be exported, click on: 
You will arrive on this window: 
Select 'Columns displayed in excel report' to chose the columns to be exported.
Select the columns to export from the 'Columns available', Click on 'Add', and Modify the columns' order by clicking on the arrows.

By clicking on the action button 'Import', you can import all your guests into the platform.

To do so, you need to have an Excel file containing at least your Participants' last name, first name and email address.
To add more details, such as Company as an example, you must make sure that the corresponding fields are present on the registration form.

Then, copy/paste your Excel file (including the columns' title) in the white frame.Note : For more information, refer to the notice 'Add a participant'

By clicking on the action button 'Album', you can find the pictures your participants have uploaded into the Registration form.

By clicking on 'Export', the pictures will be exported into into a Zip file.
By clicking on 'Print', you will be able to print the Participants' photos.