All of your participants' details are available. To access them, you need to access the Participants tab :

To access an individual's details, you need to click on this participant's name (which is in blue and underlined).

After clicking on the participant's name, a pop up will appear. It contains all of the participant's information, whether it's been imported, or added by the guest when registering.

Through this screen, you can modify your guest's details.

At the top of your participant's page there are also 4 others tabs which enable you to obtain more information about your guest :

  • The Registration tab presents all of the information imported by the administrator, or added by the guest when registering.
    The under-menu 'Site' redirects you to the event's website, with your guest's own access : you can inspect the website as a guest.
  • The Messages tab will list all of the messages sent to your guest, as well as these messages' statuses.
  • The History tab will display all of the updates implemented to your guest's registration status and personal information. You will also see who implemented the changes.

Be careful : this operation cannot be reserved, please get in touch the support team if you have any doubt when executing this task.