18 languages are available on the Facility platform in order to edit the website, the registration form and the emails :


        1- The website Edition

The website's language is defined by the Languages button :

which offers a range of 18 languages : Choose the language(s) , by checking the corresponding boxes :

Once the languages are set up, the flags matching the languages will appear on the website :

It enables the participants to choose the correct language of the event website.

         2- The menu's edition

It is now necessary to add the contents in all the selected languages, starting with the website's menu .
By clicking on the menu, and then on one of the tab's name, this pop-up should appear :

        3- Edition of the website's content

Once the tabs are created, it is now necessary to edit the different contents of the website. The translation should be done manually,
as the platform does not automatically translate the content.

Click on the cell you want to modify, with the button

The cell text editor should appear, with the different flags representing the chosen languages at the top:

To edit the contents in the different languages, do not forget to click on the flag matching the right language.
Make sure to click on the « Submit » button, then save everything once the changes are made.

Registration form

To set up the languages of the form, click on the button

Usually, they should be the same languages than the ones set up in the website edition.

In the registration form, there are 3 types of questions:

A. Predefined questions

The « Transport », « Accommodation » and « Activities » modules are all translated automatically in the 18 languages (except for the titles of the Activities questions).

If you want to change the translation of a question, you simply need to edit the question with the button :

The titles of the questions can be modified for each language :

B. Personalized questions and Text and layout

These fields should be translated by the organizors.
If you want to translate a personalised question, you should click on the button

This pop up should appear :

Be careful :

The titles : Do not forget to translate the titles of your question in each language.

The answers : For the multiple choice questions, make sure to translate the answers to your question in each language :

Follow the exact same process for the Text and layout section .
Make sure you save after making changes.


1- Languages settings

You should first set up the language of the e-mails. Click on Language, then choose the correct languages :

You can choose to apply these changes to all other messages. Then, update.

Once the languages are activated, a drop down menu with the languages should appear :

2- Multilingual edition of the e-mails

You can chose the language of the content edition with this drop down menu or by clicking on the cell text editor :

Be careful with the edition of the e-mails, it is essential to change the sender and the subject of the email in each language.
By clicking on the sender, this pop up should appear :


3- Sending of the e-mail in different languages

a) The participant's language is unknown

You can set up the language of the emails for the guests who do not have any language in your Excel document for the import :


Example : If you choose that your e-mail will appear in « English + French » : Your email will contain the email in English (banner included), followed by the email in French, with the links redirecting to the registration in the selected language.

In the « Participants » tab, once you have selected the participants, these settings will appear as in the screenshot below :

Note : Once the participant has submitted his registration form in the language selected, he will receive the confirmation e-mail in that language.

Example : If one participant submits his registration form in English, he will receive the confirmation e-mail only in English.

b) The participant's language is known

The first step is to import this field during the initial import using the column Language in your Excel document.

The field to import should contain the ISO codes of these languages :

Example :                                                                                                                                     French : fr               German : de
                                                                                                                                                    English : en             Spanish : es
For safety, we advise you to display the Language column in your Back Office, to insure that all have been imported successfully.

c) Sending the emails

Select the participants you want to send an e-mail to : then click on the E-mail button and choose the e-mail you want to send :The language of the participants will be recognized by the platform : the emails will automatically be sent in the participant's language.

Note: If you need to change one of your participants's language, please contact Evenium's Support team so that they will add a field to enable you to make these changes.