Managing the activities enables you to manage the registration to activities within the event, with the option to set up quotas.

Managing the activities through the Facility platform will allow you to manage sub-events :

There are several steps to set it up : 

  1. Step 1 : Setting up the registration form with the activity-related questions.
  2. Step 2 : Managing the activities in the back-office
  3. Step 3 : Sending your participants the questions relating to the sub-activities.

I. Setting up the registration form

In Configuration - Registration Form, Add the question "Activities" from the Pre-defined Models.

When adding the question, this window will open. It allows you to configure the "Activities" question.

Step 1 : Choosing the type of question:

Step 2 : Configuring the question:

1) If you are setting up a Yes/No question : 


Configure the activity's name, its dates as well as its quota.

Once the quota is reached, the participants will no longer be able to register to this activity.

The "Advanced" mode allows you to prevent your guest from modifying his answer to that question according to his status :

2) If your question is a drop down list : 

(this type of question is recommended for the participation to several activities, workshops, etc.)


Define the question's title, then create a new activity or select one from an existing list : 



Please click on the event's title in order to select them.

NOTE : It is not possible to have the same activity twice on your registration form. It can only appear once.

Once your activities are created, you need to configure the question : 

  1.  Edit the title of your question

  2.  Activity's list

  3.  Blocking the registration when the quota is reached

  4. Displaying the number of remaining places

  5. Number of possible choices.

II. Managing the activities in the Back Office

When your form is ready, your participants can start registering.

There are several options to see who is registered for each activity :

1) In the participants tab :

---> Display in the back-office the sub-activity's column by clicking on the icon :  (Both Tables work to access the windows that allow to edit the columns).

Your column will be visible, as well as your participant's statuses for this sub-vent : Confirmation Mark:

---> Filter in the participants tab : 

A list of participating guest will appear.

NOTE : all of the participation-related details can be exported


2) In the Logistics/Sub event tab :

You can also find the status of your participants for the sub event under the Logistics/sub event tab

By clicking on the red-eye, you will find the list of participants who are participating to this sub event :

In the logistics - sub event tab, you will find the same functionalities that are on the participants tab :

You can export your database with selected nights and hotels.

You can send e-mails.

You can search for specific guest in your database

You can also use the filters :

and sorting options on this screen.

You have the option to filter your guests by activities.

III. Activity-related details in the emails.

You have also the possibility to send information about activities on which your participants have been registered in your pre-event emails.

In Configuration - Edit e-mails 

You can add activity-related details for each guest by clicking on the "green plus" between the fields of your emails:

Then, you will be able to select activity under form data.

To find out more information, please read the Emails tutorial.