The module allowing you to download photos is an option for your registration form which allows your guests to

download a photo so the organizer can create a participant directory.

●1st step: Putting in place the registration form

● 2nd step: Sending your invitations – collecting photos

● 3rd step: Export your photos

This usage guide will allow you to optimize your use of this option

Go to configurationupdate registration form.

Insert the question 'upload photo' to your registration form by using the 'pre-defined questions', by clicking on it and dragging it into your form :

The question will appear on the registration form as follows :

This will allow your participants to download their photo onto the registration form.

Note: Remember to update and save before leaving the page

In the 'Guests' tab, You can preview your album by clicking on the symbol at the top right of the screen:

When you click on the 'album' button, a pop up will appear with all the photos.
At the top right, next to album you can click on the 'export' button to download all the photos into a zip folder.The window bellow will appear: