To add a video to your website, simply follow the steps below:

  • First click on the Configuration tab and then on the Edit Website option.
  • When you move your mouse over the site, (+) signes appear at different levels. Click on the (+) at the point on the site where you want to place your video.
  • Once you have clicked on the icon, a window will appear with various content suggestions
  • Click on the Video button
  • Click on the option Upload from computer if you want to add the video directly from your computer's library. If you want to add a link to a video hosted on another external platform, click on the option 

           Import a video from a YouTube or Vimeo

  • Click on the More options button and choose whether you want to set a border radius, add a background or add margins to the top and bottom of your video
  • Click on Add

If you want to edit the video you've already inserted, simply click on the video 

frame again.