Text + Image Une image contenant texte, Police, blanc, conception

Description générée automatiquement

This option combines the functions of the two previous cells.

In addition, you can choose how you wish to arrange the text and the image.


To add it, please follow the steps below: 

  • Click on the (+) button between two cell blocks
  • In the Content option of the Insert block, click on the Text + Image logo
  • Choose the layout of your text and image, as well as the width of the left-hand column
  • Click on More options to change the Padding between columns and choose the type of Alignment
  • Choose your image from your computer and add your text
  • In More options, choose whether you prefer to keep the dimensions of your original image, or whether you want to give it the maximum width
  • Choose whether you want to set a border radius for your image
  • Choose whether to add a background to the cell, determine whether it should occupy the entire width of the screen, or add margins at the top and bottom of the cell if desired
  • Click on Add