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This option allows add a button anywhere on your website. 

This button will redirect your guests to a page on your website or to a website external to yours. 

You can choose its title and position. 


To add it, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the (+) button between two cell blocks
  • In the Content option of the Insert block, click on the Button logo
  • Choose the type of Link you wish to add between one that redirects to a Page on your website (if you have a Multi-Page website) or to an external website.
  • Indicate the page or the url of the external website (http:// or https://) to which you would like participants to be redirected.
  • Choose the Title of the button and its Position
  • Choose whether to add a background or margins at the top and bottom of your button. 
  • Click on Add
  • To edit the button style, go to Settings, then Layout & colors, and finally to Button.


                                             Une image contenant texte, capture d’écran, Police, nombre

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