You can configure a personalized email integrating your participant's answers to the registration form's questions.

This email can be sent at 2 key moments :

- in the confirmation email : that way, the participant will be reminded of the information filled in in the registration form.

This email is sent automatically after each registration.

- 1 to 2 weeks before your event : doing so, the participants will be reminded of their registration details and can also access the

logistics details provided by the organizer.

You are able to send these 2 emails at different times.

There are three main functionalities to be aware of when setting up this email :

- The possibility of strictly reminding the participant of the registration data.

- The possibility of displaying each participant's logistics details.

- The possibility of displaying text cells according to the participant's answers to the registration form's questions.

This icon allows you to add content to your email : the added cell can be of different types :

  • Free Text means inserting a text cell
  • Link to the event website is to redirect to a page of your event's website
  • Salutation is to insert your guest's corresponding details , e.g. Civility / Last Name / First Name. This cell is usually placed at the beginning of the email.
  • Banner : this is your event's visual identity. Your banner needs to have the following dimensions : width 600 px and height 200 px.
  • Signature : this is your email's signature. It can be common to all your events.
  • Registration form summary : this is to insert all registration form data.

Registration form data enables you to choose one of the registration form's field.

In the 'Available Data' column, you can find all of the registration form's fields.
Select the ones that need to be displayed – then click « Add »
In the email, the data will be displayed as such :

The form field is the same one that can be found in your registration form (in grey). The participant's answer will appear in black.

The cell "Activities registration" sum up the activities info registered by the participant in the registration form or by the administrator in the Back Office.Displayed activities: "Form sections" is an answer to a Yes/No for an activity meanwhile "Specific activities" sum up the choice among a list of activities.
If you click on "Advanced", you will be able to many options to personalize the message (only available if you display all the activities).

Display mode: a preview is available on the right side.
'Display confirmed participants list': display all the participants registered for this activity
'Attach add-to-calendar file' corresponds to the registration to the activities in the participant's Outlook agenda.

The 'Assigned transport plan' will display the transport details (transportation info) that have been added by the participant or the administrator in the back office.

You have 2 options:
-Full transportation plan: Display the entire transportation plan-Customized transport list: You can decide to display or hide some details.WARNING : Displaying these details is useful to the participants, to make sure that their transport details are correct before their departure dates.

'Assigned lodging info' will display the accommodation details that have been added by the participant or the administrator in the back office.The information Hotel Name / Room Category need to be previously filled in in the Logistics – Hotel tab, when creating the hotel.
The details regarding the check-in date, the check-out date and the number of nights are the ones that have been set up by the participant in the registration form.

Note : the additional information are the ones you have defined in the hotel's sheet (that you have filled in in the Logistics- Hotel tab. You can tick the information you want to display:

You can also display data about the participant :

1)According to the category :
On each of the email's cell, you can find « Display conditions », which will lead you to this screen when you click it :You can choose which category the cell needs to be displayed for.2) According to the participant's answers in the registration form :

On each of the email's cell, you can find « Display conditions »,If you click on it, and then choose the 'Advanced display'.
When you click on 'create new condition' : all the registration form's fields (including the back office's) will appear with the values that can condition the displaying status of the cell.

The first scrolling menu is the list of existing fields in the registration form.
The "Is equal to" scrolling menu is a display condition.
Finally the last scrolling menu is list of available values.

To add an extra condition to the existing one, click on 'Create new condition'.