On the right side of the user’s name you can click on the following icon (under the column “access”):  

You will then be able to choose the events on which your user can have access

Click on the column “Access” in front of the name of the event to which you want to give access:

  • “Administrator” access: full access to the event including the modification of the website, registration form, emails and database. 

  • “Inviter” access: access to the database only, and also allows you to do modifications on the guests and send out emails. 

As an inviter, you will only be able to send out emails and access to the guests list but you will not be able to do anything else such as edit the website, change the general information etc. 

Your access will appear as following:

  • “Read only” access: consultation only access to the guests’ report (“Guests” tab). No modifications allowed.