These fields can be modified whenever.

What? : The event’s name appears on the event’s website as well as on the emails. 

→ Title: name your event

When? : this information will be used for the agenda file that you can attach to the emails sent out to the guests. The event’s dates appear well  on the website and on the emails. 

Where? : This field allows you to add a Google Maps on the “Practical information” menu of the website. 

→ Select an address: click on the button  to select an existing address

→ “New location”: if you want to add a new address

Who? : 

→ Organized by: contact details of the organizer - this field will appear as the expeditor of the emails and in the signature of those for that event. However, it can be modified as well directly on the emails. 

→ E-mail: unique email address  on which all the guests’ answers and/or automatic answers will be redirected. This email address can be modified whenever. 

Global quota: limit the number of registered guests to the event. Once this quota is reached, all the additional guests will automatically be on the waiting list. 

Option: If you have subscribed to specific options (ConnexMe, Satisfaction Survey…) on your platform, you will have the opportunity to tick them to activate them on your event. If you didn’t subscribed to any options, you won’t see this section.