Replacement management allows you to authorize replacements on the form, i.e. to give the guest the opportunity to have someone other than him/her participate to the event.

To do so, edit the general participation question, then check the box "Allow replacements":

On the guest’s registration form, it will appear this way: 

As soon as the guest will get on his registration form and will select “will be replaced”, the box below will appear:

By clicking on “Proceed with replacement of…”, the initial guest will: 

  • Arrive on a new registration  where he would be able to register his replacement 

  • Receive the automatic email of disclaimer

If the initial guest goes back to his registration form, his replacement’s name will appear on his form: 

Please note that the initial guest can be replaced only one time.

63. How to allow guests to come to the event with accompanying guests ?

Accompanying guests management allows to have accompanying guests on the registration  form, i.e. to give the possibility to the participant to come accompanied by one or more guests to the event.

To authorize accompanying guests you have to: 

  • Edit the general participation question, then select the box "Ask for the number of accompanying guests":

  •  Define a maximum number of accompanying guests per guest (the form allows you to authorize up to 10 accompanying guests per participant).

  • If you allow a maximum of 1 accompanying guest, you will be able to ask the guests for the name and surname of that accompanying guest.

  • If you allow between 2 and 10 companions, you will have to create questions with display conditions to ask for their names and surnames.

  •  On the guest’s form, it will appear as below:

On the back office, you can add the columns "Accompanying person's name" and "Accompanying person's first name" so that these columns are displayed for your guest under the “Guests” tab. 

Please note that accompanying guests will not appear in your report as your guests. They will only appear in the accompanied guest’s information under the columns name and first name of the accompanying person that you can add. Thus, no email can be sent to them. If you have subscribed to the OnSite module, the companion will not be listed either.

For a wider management of accompanying persons, you can contact Evenium support (+33 1 47 70 90 35 / and subscribe to the "Accompanying guests management" module.