If you want to personalize your website’s link, we invite you to contact the Evenium Client-Care team (+33 1 47 70 90 35 / support@evenium.com) to set up a domain name. 

There are two possibilities : 

Remarks: In order to restrict the access to the website of the event, a password may be defined (additional option). This one may be common or individual, automatically generated and sent to the guests. 

Your request to the Evenium Client-Care team (+33 1 47 70 90 35 / support@evenium.com) must include the following elements:

  • Name or ID of the event

  • Exact entitled of the domain name you want to have

  • The type of access of the domain name: public (available for all the persons with the link) or private (available on invitation). 

If you want in the domain name a specific company’s name, it is necessary to send us an email from the legal or trademark department of that company, giving us the authorization to carry out this manipulation.