In order for your banner to be displayed correctly on all types of devices, we recommend using the prescribed dimensions of 1900px x 400px.

The Modern design of your website is designed to be both customizable and responsive. For an optimal display, it is preferable to use the logo, date and title fields to enter your information.

If you decide to download a banner that already has a logo and event information directly in it, then it’s responsiveness is no longer guaranteed. To optimize it’s display on mobile devices you must:

  • Uncheck the boxes "Show event info" and "Show logo".

  • Choose "1900x400, fixed proportions" as the header height for your banner to appear correctly

Or you can use the "Show in priority" feature. This feature allows you to choose the part of your banner that should be displayed in priority on devices (usually the location of the banner that contains your event information).

77.  How to mask my pages’ title?

By default, your menus’ title appears at the top of each page. 

To remove the title of your pages, you have to:

  • Edit the website

  • Click on 

  • Click on the tab “Pages content”

  • Click on “Hide pages title”

  • The titles of your pages will no longer appear