If your guests do not see a tab on your website, it may be a display condition or the visibility of your page. 

Display conditions

On the website, you have the possibility to display pages according to the guest’s category. 

To change the display of your website depending on the guest’s category, you have to: 

  • Click on the editor of your menu 

  • Click on the page’s name that you want to display for a category 

  • Click on (all categories are displayed by default in the "Displayed for" column).

  • And select the category or categories for whom it is available

For every page having a differentiated display, the icon will be visible in the back-office. 

By hovering your mouse over it, the names of the selected categories will appear. 

Visibility of the page

You have the possibility to handle the menu’s visibility of your website. 

Here is the three possible visibilities: 

  • : displayed menu: it is displayed for everyone (back and front office)

  • : under construction menu: it is not displayed in the front-office for the guests but displayed in the back-office for the administrator.

  • : disabled menu. The menu is not displayed either in the back-office neither on the front office

If you see a tab that your participants don't see, your menu is under construction mode. Then, you have to switch it to visible mode so that your participants have access. 

To do this, you have to:

  • Click on the editor of your menu (top right corner)

  • Select your menu in the list on the left 

  • Change the visibility from “under construction” to “visible”

  • Visualize your website as a participant to check if your page is visible