Accommodation management via the Evenium Facility platform will allow you to manage hotel reservations for your event.

It is set up in several stages:

Step 1: Set up on the form the questions related to accommodation.

Step 2: Creation of hotels, and allocate quotas per night per hotel

Step 3: Allocation of hotels to set up the Rooming List.

Step 4: Room Allocation (Optional)

Step 5: Sending accommodation information to your guests.

1. Set up on the form the questions related to accommodation.

In your form, add the question "Accommodation" from the pre-defined questions.

When adding the question, this window opens, it allows you to configure your "Accommodation" question:

Your question will then appear this way on your form:

A) If the guest does not have the possibility to choose his nights:

B) If the guest has the possibility to choose his nights:

At the same time, you have the possibility to add a question regarding the type of room desired by the guest, the possibility to have a smoking room, as well as a comment box allowing him to note his particular requests:

2. Creation of the hotels :

When your registration form is ready, it is essential to create one or more hotels where your guests will stay.

You can therefore create your hotels under the logistics - hotels tab:

A) Hotel Set up

Click on New Accommodation and this window will open:

Then enter your hotel information.

Note: If you have more than one hotel available, we recommend that you assign different background colours and fonts to each hotel so that you have a better overview when working on your Romming-List.

Important: You must create as many hotels as you have room categories. 

--> Example: if the accommodation is an Ibis hotel and you have booked single and double rooms, you will need to create two accommodations: IBIS SINGLE and IBIS DOUBLE.

B) Quotas allocation

2 cases are possible:

1. You have the same quota for all the nights in the same hotel :

Click on the small calendar next to the name of the hotel: (AJOUTER UNE CAPTURE)

Enter the available quota for each hotels and nights

2. You have a different quota for each night in the same hotel:

Click on " - " below the night label:

This step is essential - if there isn’t any hotel created, or a quota allocated to all the nights, your guests will be put on a waiting list for all the nights they have chosen.

3. Rooming List’ management:

The invitations have been sent out: you will have your guests’ answers regarding their accommodation needs

Under the Logistics tab  - Rooming list, you will find all your guests that have a “Confimed”, and you will be able to update your Rooming List.

You have two possible cases:

1. If you have only one hotel

Your guests will be automatically added to that hotel.

You will not have to manually allocate your guests to the hotel:

2. If you have several hotels:

Your guests will automatically be put on a waiting list. You will then have to you to manually assign the hotels to your guests.

In the example below,  "Quentin Dupont", the box below 23/07 is grayed out. This means that the participant wants accommodation for that night but is not assigned to a specific hotel. You will have to do it manually.

There are 2 ways to proceed to assign hotels:

1. Manually: In the dropdown menu of the Hotel column for a specific guest, select the hotel of your choice and then click on the “Validate” button.

2. By mass: Using the “Lodging” button under the "Rooming List" tab 

Select your guests that need accommodation for the same nights and that will be assigned to the same hotel then click on "Lodging".

  1. In the "select accommodation" section, choose the hotel from those initially created.

  2. Then choose for which  nights.

  3. Validate your choices.

On the Rooming List tab, you will find some features similar to the Guests tab:

The possibility to export your database with the selected nights and hotels.

The possibility to send emails:

The possibilité to search for a specific guest in the database. 

You will also find the filter and sort functions.

You have the possibility to make filters on the assigned hotel  via the below drop-down menu:

5. Accommodation information in emails:

You have the possibility, if you wish, to send the accommodation information in your pre-event summary emails.

Under the “Configuration” - “Edit emails” tab: You have the possibility to add the accommodation information for your participants.

When adding a new cell on your email via the small green "+", you have the possibility to add the "Accommodation" block.