Transportation’s management via the Evenium Facility platform will allow you to manage the transport of your guests before and after the event.

It is set up in different steps:

Step 1: Set up on the registration form the “Transport” question.

Step 2: Back Office transportation’s management.

Step 3: Sending out information regarding the guests’ transportation summary.

1. Set up on the registration form :

Under the “Configuration” - “Update registration form” tab :

Add the "Transport" question from the predefined questions:

You can choose:

The possible mode of transportation: 

  • If you select “Plane”: you have to fill in the city's name of the event, thanks to the automatic search, the name of the city’s airports will appear.

  • If you choose Train: you will have to enter the name of all the city’s train stations

Set the possible departure and arrival dates: Possibility to indicate arrival slots.

Transfer: This will automatically add the question "I will need a transfer upon arrival/departure".

Your question will then be displayed on your registration form asbelow (depending on the selected transports):

Example: On the registration form, when the guest selects "Plane":

He will then select the date, country and city of departure.

Then he will be able to do an automatic flight search via the GDS (flight search software) or fill in his flight information manually.

It is also possible to deactivate the automatic search in the transport module's settings by ticking the below box:

Note: The automatic transport search is only available for the means of transport "Plane".

2. Transport management on Back Office :

When your registration form is ready and the participants have answered it, you can find their answers on the back-office.

Under the “Logistics” - “Transport on arrival” tab, you access the data relating to the outward journey.

Under the “Logistics” - “Transport on departure”, you access the data relating to the return journey.

This screen appears: 

Mass assignment of transportation:

By selecting participants and clicking on the “Transport” button, you can assign in mass a transportation to your guests.

You will see this window appear:

You can enter information about the transportation type, departure location, and transportation number.

Under the “Logistics” - “Transport on arrival” tab and the “Logistics” - Transport on departure” tab, you will find the same functionalities as in the Participants tab:

  • Export your database with the selected outward and return transports.

  • Send emails.

  • Search for guests in the database.

You will also be able to  filter and sort your guests under this tab.

3. The transport information in the emails :

If you wish, you have the possibility to send transport information in your pre-event summary emails.

Under the “Configuration” - “Edit Emails” tab: you can add your guests’ transport information.

When you are on the page to edit your emails:

  • Click the green "+" between the fields of your email.

  • Choose the block "Form data".

  • And select then the two fields: “Block: Arrival transportation requested” & “Block: Departure transportation requested”