The table management allows you to manage the sitting arrangements of your event, including the quota issue.

Its implementation is done through different steps:

Step 1: Add the dinner question on the registration form by using the “Activity” template

Step 2: Setting up the question

Step 3: Create the tables

Step 4: Tables’ assignment for your guests

1. Add the dinner question on the registration form by using the “Activity” template

Under the “Configuration” - “Update registration form”, add the question 'Activities' from the pre-defined templates.


Once the question is added, this window opens: it allows you to configure your question.

Step 2: Setting up the question

1) Your question is Yes/No :

This choice of question type is advised for the participation at a dinner and thus for the tables’ managemen. By clicking on the first 'Next >', you will find this window:

Set up the activity name, dates, and quota.

Once the quota is reached, guests will not be able to register for the activity.

The 'Advanced' mode allows you to prohibit the modification of your guest's answer depending on their status:

2) If your question is an activity list :

This choice of question type is recommended for participation in several workshops, activities, etc.

Define your question’s title and then create a new activity:

or select one from the ones already existing in the back-office::

Remarks: It is not possible to have the same activity on the form twice.

Your activities are now created, you need to set up the question :

You'll be able to change it:

  • Define the question’s title.

  • The list of activities

  • Prevent registration to the activity if the quota is reached (setup by default)

  • Display the number of remaining places

  • The number of activity that can be chosen by the guest

2. Setting up the question

Your registration form is ready, your participants are starting to register.

To set up the table management, you need to configure your sub-event that you just created.

Under the “Logistics” - “Sub-events” tab: Click on the name of the created activity.

Then click on 'Advanced...' to activate table management by checking the highlighted box in the image below.

3. Create the tables

Once you have set up your Activity question to allow table management, you can create your different tables.

Under the 'Logistics' - 'Tables' tab: Select the dinner for which you want to create tables. 

You will find all the guests who are confirmed for that particular activity.

By clicking on the 'Add' button 

This pop up opens : 

In the field “Seats limited to”' you can set up the quota for each table.

In the field 'Name of Table”' you can create your tables. Here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. (you can create multiple tables at the same time by adding a space in between their names on that fields)

Once you submit, this screen appears:

By clicking on the table’s name (in orange), you will be able to change the title and description of the table:

By clicking on '(0/9)', you will be able to change the quota for that table:

4. Table arrangements

Once you have created your tables and defined a quota for each, you can assign your guests to the corresponding tables:

Under the 'Logistics” - “Tables' tab: you have the list of guests attending the dinner waiting for an assignment to a table.

You can under the “Number” column then define to which table you want to assign a guest

You can export your guests’ list  with the seating arrangement by clicking on the following button: 

Notes: Don't forget to insert quotas on your tables. Guests cannot be assigned to a table without a defined quota.