It is possible to insert a field on the registration form asking the participant to download a document.

Under the “Configuration” → “Update registration form” :

Insert the field "Upload document" question on the registration form.

You can add this type of field twice on the registration form.

On the registration form appears two documents with an 'Add' button to upload them:

Above is a view of the registration form by a guest.

Max size (Ko): 10 240

.jpg, .gif, .png, .txt, .pdf, .doc(x), .xls(x), .odt, .ods, .odp formats

Tip: If the participant needs to upload a second photo, you can insert a document field. Indeed, the document field can also be used to upload an image (.jpg, .png or .gif).

To export your guests’ documents in mass, please contact the Evenium Client Team so that we can activate the "Doc" button that will appear in the “Guests” tab: