To edit a block in your email, click on 

  • You can delete it and move it with these icons: 

  • To add a block, place your cursor between two blocks and click on the “+” 

If you click on it, this pop-up will open: 

  • Free text: insert a text block

  • Link to the event website: insert a link that will redirect your guests to a specific tab of your event’s website  

  • Registration form summary : insert all the information of the registration form

  • Form data: insert one or several information of the registration form 

  • Activities’ registrations: insert the information regarding your guests’ registration on the different activities present on the registration form

  • Assigned transport plan: insert information regarding your guests’ transportation (only available with the Workflow module) 

  • Assigned lodging info: insert information regarding your guests’s accommodation information 

Note: By clicking on Display Conditions, you can set up differentiated displays as in the registration form