The Evenium / Google Analytics integration allows you to track and analyze data related to your website usage, optimizing your strategy and enhancing the overall user experience.


  • This integration is not compatible with Universal Analytics (UA) properties of Google Analytics, which have been deprecated since July 2023.
  • This integration does not support a GA4 tag included in Google Tag Manager (GTM). Even if GTM is configured on your website, to collect Google Analytics data for your event, you must start at step 4 below.


Follow the steps in this Google Support tutorial: Create a GA4 property to create a GA4 property. Google will generate a measurement ID that looks like this: G-XXXXXXX.

Setting Up Web Analytics

To set up the Web Analytics option, simply follow the steps below:


      1. Obtain Your GA4 Measurement ID:

  • After creating the GA4 property, go to the "Data Streams" section under your GA4 property.
  • Click on your data stream (Web).
  • Copy the measurement ID that looks like G-XXXXXXX.

      2. Configure the Web Analytics Option in Evenium:

  • Click on the Configuration tab and then on the Edit Website option
  • Expand the Settings button in the top left corner, then click on Web Analytics.

  • Add your GA4 measurement ID in the provided field. click on How do I get this tracking ID?

  • Click on Save

Consult the Accessing and Collecting Data from Google Analytics Reports article to know how to access the reports to analyze the collected data.