You have two options for specifying the exact color you want to use on your event elements (for example, for the font color):

                                      1. The Hexadecimal code 

                                      2. The Eyedropper 

1. The Hexadecimal Code consists of the symbol # followed by three pairs of digits, each representing the number of primary RGB colors - red, green and blue - present in the selected shade.

If you know the hexadecimal code of the color you need, you can enter it in the options for customization options of the various site elements by entering the corresponding numbers.

2. The Eyedropper which allows you to take a color from an image or a color already present on your site, and define it as a new foreground or background color for other elements. 

To choose one of these two options, simply follow the steps below: 

  • Click on the Configuration tab, then on Edit Website
  • Go to Settings then Layout & Colors
  • Click on the section of your choice (Site background, Event title, etc.)
  • Click on the Color circle of the section
  • Fill in the series of digits corresponding to the Hexadecimal Code or click on the Eyedropper and then on the color you wish to select from an image or a color already present on your website
  • Click outside of the frame once you've added the code or the chosen the color